Sexual Assault Kits Backlog

Oregon state police clear backlog of unprocessed sexual assault kits (Oregonian, 10/31/2018)

Forensic Division summary (monthly) Oregon State Police, Forensic Services Division

Oregon State Police: Forensic Division has taken appropriate steps to address Oregon’s sexual assault kit testing backlog (2018) Oregon Audits Division

PERS information technology

Audit: Major disasters, cyberattacks threaten PERS (East Oregonian, 10/17/2018)

Public Employees Retirement System : severe deficiencies in disaster recovery program and insufficient information technology planning pose substantial risks to beneficiaries and the state (2018) Oregon Audits Division

Internal Oregon Government Audits

New audit says Oregon’s state agencies are bad at audits (Oregonian, 8/29/2018)

Audit : Oregon agencies vulnerable to waste and fraud (Portland Tribune, 8/30/2018)

Department of Administrative Services : opportunities exist to increase the impact of state agency internal audit functions (2018) Oregon Audits Division