Medicaid eligibility

Audit: Oregon’s Medicaid computer systems work well, but human errors remain (Oregonian, 5/24/17)

Oregon had no plan for checking Medicaid eligibility (Portland Tribune, 5/25/17)

Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid (Bend Bulletin, 5/24/17)

OHA: automated Medicaid eligibility is processed appropriately, yet manual input accuracy and eligibility override monitoring needs improvement [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Possible ineligible Medicaid recipients

Thousands on Medicaid in Oregon may be ineligible (Bend Bulletin, 5/17/17)

Secretary of State: Oregon could be wasting millions by keeping ineligible people on Medicaid (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

State of Oregon says it may have dispensed millions to ineligible Medicaid recipients (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

Oregon Health Authority Disputes Auditor’s Allegations It Misused Medicaid Funds (The Lund Report, 5/17/17)

Oregon Spending Millions On Ineligible Medicaid Recipients, Secretary Of State Warns (OPB, 5/17/17)

The Oregon Health Authority May Be Providing Medicaid Benefits to Ineligible Recipients [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

ODOT construction contracts audit

ODOT loses money on contractors gaming the system, auditors say, but agency questions accuracy (Oregonian, 3/6/17)

Contractors could be gaming ODOT contracts, state audit finds (Statesman Journal, 3/6/17)

New audit of ODOT contracting system finds same old flaws (Portland Tribune, 3/6/17)

ODOT should better scrutinize construction costs and project changes by tracking line item bids with abnormally high or low prices [PDF] (2017) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division

ODOT independent audit

Audit finds ODOT excels at road building but fails to strategize, wastes money (Oregonian, 1/30/17)

Audit finds ODOT culture lacks accountability, strategic vision (Portland Tribune, 1/30/17)

Portland Economist: New ODOT Audit “Worse than Useless” (Willamette Week, 2/1/17)

odotassessmentOregon Department of Transportation management assessment [PDF] (2017) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Business Oregon audit

Audit highlights problems with Oregon’s tax and cash incentive programs for businesses (Register Guard, 12/20/2016)

Audit: More Transparency Needed For Oregon’s Economic Incentives (OPB, 12/19/2016)

Audit: Shine a stronger light on Oregon’s economic development agency (Portland Business Journal, 12/19/2016)

New Audit Finds State’s Economic Development Agency Gives Lots of Goodies But Fails to Measure Results (Willamette Week, 12/19/2016)

auditBusiness Oregon can improve the evaluation and transparency of  economic development incentives and loan program (2016) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division