Audits Division

Medicaid eligibility

Audit: Oregon’s Medicaid computer systems work well, but human errors remain (Oregonian, 5/24/17)

Oregon had no plan for checking Medicaid eligibility (Portland Tribune, 5/25/17)

Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid (Bend Bulletin, 5/24/17)

OHA: automated Medicaid eligibility is processed appropriately, yet manual input accuracy and eligibility override monitoring needs improvement [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Department of Revenue and debt collection

Oregon Governor, lawmakers seek clean-up of the Revenue department (Statesman Journal, 5/21/17)

Report on liquidated and delinquent accounts receivable (annual) Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office

Oregon needs stronger leadership, sustained focus to improve delinquent debt collection [PDF] (2015) Oregon Audits Division

Debt collections : progress made but opportunities for improvement still exist [PDF] (2015) Oregon Audits Division

State of Oregon, opportunities to improve delinquent debt collection by state agencies [PDF] (1997) Oregon Audits Division

Possible ineligible Medicaid recipients

Thousands on Medicaid in Oregon may be ineligible (Bend Bulletin, 5/17/17)

Secretary of State: Oregon could be wasting millions by keeping ineligible people on Medicaid (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

State of Oregon says it may have dispensed millions to ineligible Medicaid recipients (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

Oregon Health Authority Disputes Auditor’s Allegations It Misused Medicaid Funds (The Lund Report, 5/17/17)

Oregon Spending Millions On Ineligible Medicaid Recipients, Secretary Of State Warns (OPB, 5/17/17)

The Oregon Health Authority May Be Providing Medicaid Benefits to Ineligible Recipients [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Groundwater supply

Draining Oregon: Bill to fund $8.2 million in groundwater studies passes key hurdle (Oregonian, 4/14/2017)

Oregon Water Resources Department: enhancing sustainability efforts and agency planning needed to better address Oregon’s water supply needs (2016) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division

ODOT construction contracts audit

ODOT loses money on contractors gaming the system, auditors say, but agency questions accuracy (Oregonian, 3/6/17)

Contractors could be gaming ODOT contracts, state audit finds (Statesman Journal, 3/6/17)

New audit of ODOT contracting system finds same old flaws (Portland Tribune, 3/6/17)

ODOT should better scrutinize construction costs and project changes by tracking line item bids with abnormally high or low prices [PDF] (2017) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division

Food Safety Inspections

Oregon plans to fix backlogged, inconsistent food-safety inspections (Statesman Journal, 2/16/17)

foodsafetyOregon Department of Agriculture: improved management practices, use of resources could help Food Safety Program achieve its mission [PDF] (2016) Oregon Audits Division, Oregon State Department of Agriculture