air pollution

Odor and Health in The Dalles

State agency says odorous air in The Dalles is safe, despite resident complaints (KGW, 5/1/18)

Air Quality Sampling in The Dalles [PDF] (2018) Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

AmeriTies West Letter Health Consultation summary factsheet [PDF] (2018) Oregon Health Authority

Letter Health Consultation : AmeriTies West, The Dalles Oregon [PDF] (2018) United States Department of Health and Human Resources

Odors & Your Health : Frequently Asked Questions about smells near AmeriTies-West in The Dalles [PDF] (2016) Oregon Health Authority

Hazardous ammonia emissions

Manufacturing plant near St. Helens emitted tons of hazardous ammonia without alerting authorities (Oregonian, 2/23/2018)

Company That Emitted 6 Tons Of Ammonia Near St. Helens Pleads Guilty (KUOW, 2/23/2018)

Ammonia facts (2008) Oregon Department of Human Services, Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance

Ammonia (2000) Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Environmental Public Health