Pesticides and beneficial insects

Some insecticides kill natural adversary to invasive stink bug, OSU study finds (Register Guard, 6/16/2019)

Encouraging beneficial insects in your garden (2001) Oregon State University Extension Service

Brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (2016) Oregon Insect Pest Prevention & Management

Drought and agriculture

Drought loosens its hold on Oregon this year (Capital Press, 6/11/2019)

Water conditions report (serial) Oregon Water Resources Department

Oregon basin outlook (serial) U.S. Department of Agriculture

Seasonal climate forecast (serial) Oregon Department of Agriculture

Canola districts

Isolation area proposed for Willamette Valley canola (Capital Press, 5/14/2019)

Rapeseed canola Oregon districts (2019) Oregon Department of Agriculture

2018 report to the Oregon Legislature – House Bill 3382 : recommendations to consider for coexistence between canola and specialty seed production in the Willamette Valley (2018) Oregon Department of Agriculture

Final report – House Bill 242 (2017) Oregon State University

Dairies and the environment

Largest Oregon dairy plans to make natural gas from cow manure (Capital Press, 4/30/19)

Final report to the Department of Environmental Quality & Department of Agriculture [PDF] (2008) Oregon Dairy Air Quality Task Force

Water quality and agriculture (serial) Oregon Department of Agriculture