invasive species

Pesticides and beneficial insects

Some insecticides kill natural adversary to invasive stink bug, OSU study finds (Register Guard, 6/16/2019)

Encouraging beneficial insects in your garden (2001) Oregon State University Extension Service

Brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (2016) Oregon Insect Pest Prevention & Management

Invasive turtles

Illegally dumped turtles threaten ecology of Salem’s Minto-Brown Island Park (Statesman Journal, 5/6/19)

Red-eared slider [PDF] (2008) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon native turtles [PDF] (2010) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Guidance for conserving Oregon’s native turtles including best management practices [PDF] (2015) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Invasive species inspections for watercraft

Invasive species inspections stations open for boating season (Register Guard, 4/17/2019)

Boat inspection stations open around Oregon (Bend Bulletin, 4/16/2019)

Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program … program report (annual) Oregon State Marine Board

Stop the spread! (2012) Oregon State Department of Agriculture, Oregon State Marine Board, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and Portland State University