May revenue forecast

Forecast: Oregonians likely to get kicker, next state budget not as tight (Oregonian, 5/16/2017)

State economists: Oregon’s kicker likely to total $408 million; average income taxpayer can expect $210 credit (Register Guard, 5/17/2017)

Extra revenue could activate kicker (My Columbia Basin, 5/17/2017)

Oregon Economic Forecast Includes Marijuana Projections For The First Time (OPB, 5/16/2017)

Oregon budget: Taxpayers could get a kicker (Bend Bulletin, 5/16/2017)

Oregon’s Kicker Is Projected To Kick (OPB, 5/16/2017)

Oregon economic and revenue forecast (quarterly) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

March Unemployment

March unemployment rate drops to 41-year low (Portland Tribune, 4/18/2017)

One Factor in Oregon’s Dropping Jobless Rate? Legal Weed (Willamette Week, 4/19/2017)

In March, Oregon’s Unemployment Rate Fell To A Historic Low (OPB, 4/18/2017)

Oregon’s jobless rate plunges below 4 percent (KTVZ, 4/18/2017)

Oregon’s employment situation (monthly) Oregon Employment Department

Unemployment in Oregon

Oregon unemployment rate drops to 4 percent, a record low (Oregonian, 3/21/2017)

Unemployment rate drops to historic low in February (Portland Tribune, 3/21/2017)

Oregon’s unemployment rate reaches record low (Statesman Journal, 3/21/2017)

Oregon’s employment situation (monthly) Oregon Employment Department