Dept. of Administrative Services

Public employee health insurance

Oregon Democrats want to bring back double health insurance for state, school workers (Oregonian, 4/5/19)

State of Oregon salary and benefit report (biennial) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Department of Administrative Services, Office of the State Chief Information Officer: significant cost savings can be achieved by modernizing Oregon’s procurement systems and practices [PDF] (2018) Oregon Audits Division

Single-family zoning

Oregon House Speaker proposes to abolish single-family zoning in many urban areas (Oregonian, 12/14/2018)

America’s Hottest Housing Debate Is Coming to Oregon (Slate, 12/14/2018)

Could Oregon Become the First State to Ban Single-Family Zoning? (Willamette Week, 12/14/2018)

Reconsidering single family zoning (2018) Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Governor’s budget

Kate Brown pitches $23.6 billion budget plan (Oregonian, 11/28/2018)

College presidents bemoan budget limbo under Gov. Brown’s new plan (Oregonian, 11/28/2018)

Gov. Brown unveils $23.6 billion budget (Bend Bulletin, 11/28/2018)

Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed budget stresses education, health care, voting reform (Statesman Journal, 11/28/2018)

Governor’s budget (biennial) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Turning point, an agenda for Oregon’s future : Governor’s recommended budget and policy agenda (biennial) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Latest Economic and Revenue Forecast

Oregon’s economy slowing, state revenue outlook darkens (Oregonian, 11/14/18)

Oregon revenue forecast shows strong economy, bigger kicker, but uncertainty ahead (Statesman, 11/14/18)

Oregon economy continues rise — with question marks ahead (Bend Bulletin, 11/14/18)

Oregon Tax Collections Keep Exceeding Expectations; Kicker Likely (OPB, 11/14/18)

Oregon economic and revenue forecast (monthly) Oregon Department of Administrative Services