Significant news of the decade

A decade in review: the biggest Oregon news of the last 10 years (Oregonian, 12/31/2019)

Fire season : statewide summary and highlights (annual) Oregon Department of Forestry

An initial assessment of cannabis production, distribution, and consumption in Oregon 2018 (2018) Oregon-Idaho HIDTA Program

Recreational marijuana supply and demand legislative report (annual) Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Marijuana risk to youth

OHA backs surgeon general on marijuana risks to youth (KTVZ, 8/29/2019)

Preventing underage marijuana use – parents’ guide to talking with your kids (2016) Oregon Health Authority

Cómo prevenir el consumo de marihuana en menores de edad : una guía para que los padres hablen con sus hijos (2016) Oregon Health Authority

When it comes to pot, there’s no voice like yours (2017) Oregon Health Authority