endangered species

New report on wolves in Oregon

Oregon Wolf Population Up, But Famous OR-7 May Have Died (OPB, 4/15/2020)

Oregon’s wolf population grows to 158 known animals, but famed OR-7 may have died (Statesman Journal, 4/15/2020)

Oregon wolf population increases 15% in 2019 (Capital Press, 4/14/2020)

Oregon wolf conservation and management plan annual report (annual) Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Wolverine protection

Groups want federal protection for wolverines (Statesman Journal, 1/26/20)

Estimate: Only 300 wolverines left in Oregon, Washington and Idaho (KVAL, 1/27/20)

Wolverine-forest carnivore research in the Northern Cascades of Oregon [PDF] (2013) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Division

Marbled Murrelet

ODFW Commission to revisit protections for marbled murrelet (Capital Press, 12/10/19)

Marbled murrelet technical report [PDF] (2019) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The marbled murrelet and the Oregon Endangered Species Act [PDF] (2017) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Streaked horned lark recovery

Streaked horned lark recovery will cost millions (Capital Press, 11/1/2019)

Survey protocols and strategies for assessing streaked horned lark site occupancy status, population abundance, and trends (2016) Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife