March Economic and Revenue Forescast

Oregon revenue forecast: State to bring in $200 million more than expected (Oregonian, 2/22/2017)

State economy doing better than expected (Mail Tribune, 2/22/2017)

Forecast: Oregon tax revenues up, but not enough to close budget gap (Statesman Journal, 2/22/2017)

Oregon Revenues Up $200M, But Questions Remain About How To Fill Budget Gap (OPB, 2/22/2017)

forecastOregon economic and revenue forecast (quarterly) Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Marijuana Tax Statistics

State budget woes could claim pot tax windfall (Portland Tribune, 2/21/2017)

Oregon pot tax revenue continues decline (Statesman Journal, 2/21/2017)

Oregon cannabis sales still brisk (Bend Bulletin, 2/21/2017)

marijuanataxOregon marijuana tax statistical report (serial) Oregon Department of Revenue

Total Employer Costs of Compensation

PERS costs may force dramatic cuts in public jobs, PSU study finds (Oregonian, 2/17/2017)

PERS-driven compensation spike may force cuts in public payrolls: PSU study (Oregonian, 2/17/2017)

teccOregon’s looming TECC Challenge : the imminent rise of total employer costs of compensation for Oregon local government (2017) Portland State University, Center for Public Service

Business Oregon audit

Audit highlights problems with Oregon’s tax and cash incentive programs for businesses (Register Guard, 12/20/2016)

Audit: More Transparency Needed For Oregon’s Economic Incentives (OPB, 12/19/2016)

Audit: Shine a stronger light on Oregon’s economic development agency (Portland Business Journal, 12/19/2016)

New Audit Finds State’s Economic Development Agency Gives Lots of Goodies But Fails to Measure Results (Willamette Week, 12/19/2016)

auditBusiness Oregon can improve the evaluation and transparency of  economic development incentives and loan program (2016) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division