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Oregon Unemployment

Oregon cuts 3,800 jobs in September; hospitality hit hard (Klamath Falls Herald & News, 10/17)

Oregon employment falls again as economy cools (Oregonian, 10/17/17)

State loses more jobs in September as unemployment rate holds steady (Portland Tribune, 10/17/17)

Oregon loses 3,800 jobs in September; hospitality hit hard (Register Guard, 10/18/17)

Report shows increased job loss in Oregon (The World Link, 10/17/17)

Oregon’s employment situation (monthly) Oregon Employment Department

Forest thinning and wildfires

Project saved central Oregon homes from wildfires, but can it be duplicated? (Oregonian, 10/16/17)

Forest thinning : an introduction [PDF] (2007) Oregon Forest Resources Institute

State of fire: fire in Oregon’s forests : achieving resiliency in altered landscapes [PDF] (2014) Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Low Oxygen Zones in oceans

Coastal Researchers, Fishermen Concerned About More Frequent Low Oxygen Zones (NW News Network, 10/6/17)

Oregon at the forefront of change : unraveling the complexities of ocean acidification and hypoxia [PDF] (2015) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel major findings, recommendations, and actions [PDF] (2016) Oregon State University, Institute for Natural Resources

Facts about OAH in Oregon [PDF] (2015) Oregon Coastal Zone Management Program