Willamette Winter Steelhead and Seals

New sea lion wrinkle in the Willamette River threatens sturgeon (Oregonian, 2/20/18)

To Save Steelhead, Oregon Trucks Sea Lions From Willamette Falls To The Coast (OPB, 2/20/18)

Willamette Falls pinniped monitoring project (annual) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Effect of sea lions on steelhead population

Oregon warns Willamette steelhead face extinction if sea lions’ feast continues (Oregonian, 8/7/2017)

Report: Sea lions push Willamette River steelhead to brink of extinction (Statesman Journal, 8/7/2017)

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Lamprey research

Tagging Tiny Fish: Scientists Aim To Learn More About Lamprey Migration (KUOW, 7/28/2017)

Assessment of western Oregon adult winter steelhead and lamprey – redd surveys (annual) Oregon Adult Salmonid Inventory & Sampling Project

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