Forest practices agreement

Brown announces ‘historic’ agreement (Mail Tribune, 2/10/2020)

Siskiyou streams get new protections (Mail Tribune, 2/10/2020)

Environmentalists And Timber Industry Reach Agreement On Forests, Avoiding Oregon Ballot Fights (OPB, 2/10/2020)

Forest practice administrative rules and Forest Practices Act (serial) Oregon Department of Forestry

State Forests Division

Failing forestry: Oregon’s forestry department is on an unsustainable path (Oregonian, 10/20/19)

Oregon Department of Forestry: State Forests Division: providing services that benefit communities and the environment [PDF] (2015) Oregon Department of Forestry, State Forests Program

Pathway to the future for northwest Oregon state forests [PDF] (2001) Oregon Department of Forestry, State Forests Program

Habitat conservation plan

Failing forestry: Oregon forest management plans forever in the making (Oregonian, 10/20/2019)

Oregon Department of Forestry habitat conservation plan: a business case analysis (2018) Oregon Department of Forestry

Habitat conservation plan – frequently asked questions (2019) Oregon Department of Forestry

Controlled Burns in Oregon

This autumn may see more controlled burns in Oregon (East Oregonian, 9/25/2019)

Prescribed burning and smoke management: reducing wildfire risk, minimizing smoke in communities (2019) Oregon Department of Forestry

The forestland burning guide: what the landowner needs to know (2019) Oregon Department of Forestry