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Oregon monkeypox cases

Lane County Public Health finds 4 new monkeypox cases; here are the symptoms to watch for (Register Guard, 11/23/2022)

Thumbnail of cover from the document Oregon's monkeypox (hMPXV) data dashboard.Oregon’s monkeypox (hMPXV) data dashboard (weekly) Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention

Thumbnail of cover from the document Quick facts about monkeypox (hMPXV).Quick facts about monkeypox (hMPXV) (2022) Oregon Health Authority

Revised hMPXV vaccination guidelines

Eligibility for monkeypox vaccine expanded beyond sexual orientation, gender identity (KPIC, 9/15/2022)

Monkeypox eligibility guidelines in Oregon drop references to sexual orientation, gender (OPB, 9/15/2022)

Thumbnail of cover from the document OHA interim monkeypox (hMPXV) vaccination guidance.OHA interim monkeypox (hMPXV) vaccination guidance (2022) Oregon Health Authority