Health Authority

Medicaid eligibility

OHA says it met Brown’s Medicaid deadline (Bend Bulletin, 8/31/17)

Oregon removes nearly 55,000 people from Medicaid after they failed eligibility checks (Oregonian, 9/1/17)

OHA says it has cleared its Medicaid eligibility backlog (Portland Tribune, 8/31/17)

OHA finds 23K no longer qualified for Medicaid as it works through backlog (Portland Business Journal, 9/1/17)

Action plan preliminary report [PDF] (2017) Oregon Health Authority

Immunizations for School

Vaccinations: Back-to-school guide (Oregonian, 8/16/2017)

Immunization law handbook for schools, preschools, head starts, and certified child care providers (2014) Oregon Immunization Program

Parents, don’t let your child get left behind! (annual) Oregon Immunization Program

Oregon youth marijuana prevention campaign

The struggle to keep teens off weed : Young people’s likelihood to use unchanged after ads (Bend Bulletin, 8/18/2017)

Oregon youth marijuana prevention pilot campaign: stay true to you, mid-campaign results 2016 (2017) Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Oregon student wellness survey: Oregon statewide report (biennial) Oregon Health Authority, Addictions and Mental Health Division