Medicaid eligibility

Audit: Oregon’s Medicaid computer systems work well, but human errors remain (Oregonian, 5/24/17)

Oregon had no plan for checking Medicaid eligibility (Portland Tribune, 5/25/17)

Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid (Bend Bulletin, 5/24/17)

OHA: automated Medicaid eligibility is processed appropriately, yet manual input accuracy and eligibility override monitoring needs improvement [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Possible ineligible Medicaid recipients

Thousands on Medicaid in Oregon may be ineligible (Bend Bulletin, 5/17/17)

Secretary of State: Oregon could be wasting millions by keeping ineligible people on Medicaid (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

State of Oregon says it may have dispensed millions to ineligible Medicaid recipients (Oregonian, 5/17/17)

Oregon Health Authority Disputes Auditor’s Allegations It Misused Medicaid Funds (The Lund Report, 5/17/17)

Oregon Spending Millions On Ineligible Medicaid Recipients, Secretary Of State Warns (OPB, 5/17/17)

The Oregon Health Authority May Be Providing Medicaid Benefits to Ineligible Recipients [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Oregon Health Plan

Kitzhaber: Oregon Health Plan changes covered more people, shaved growth in cost (Portland Tribune, 5/15/2017)

Kitzhaber on health care: ‘The gains we made here in Oregon are at risk’ (KGW, 5/15/2017)

Oregon’s health system transformation mid-year report (serial) Oregon Health Authority

Oregon’s health system transformation quarterly legislative report (serial) Oregon Health Authority

Trillium Community Health Plan and coordinated care

Trillium: Balancing patients and profits (Register Guard, 9/6/16)

Trillium complaints surge with profits (Register Guard, 9/4/16)

Dividend boosts stakeholders’ net on sale to $131 million (Register Guard, 9/4/16)

Oregon caps profits for Medicaid managers (Register Guard, 9/5/16)

trilliumReport of financial examination of Trillium Community Health Plan, Inc., Eugene, Oregon (serial) Oregon Insurance Division

trilliumccoCCO incentive measures final report, Trillium Community Health Plan (serial) Oregon Health Authority, Office of Health Analytics

Oregon Health Plan audit

Federal audit finds waste in Oregon Health Plan (Portland Tribune, 4/14/2016)

medicaidThe Medicaid program could have achieved savings if Oregon had applied medical loss ratio standards similar to those established by the Affordable Care Act [PDF] (2016) United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

Insurance coverage for home births

Denied: Legal Gray Zones And Unintended Consequences (Jefferson Public Radio, 2/27/2016)

Denied: Home Birth Put Out Of Reach For Many Low-Income Moms (Jefferson Public Radio, 2/27/2016)

midwivesDirect entry midwives consumer information [PDF] (2009) Oregon Health Licensing Agency

midwifeWorkgroupLicensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDM) Staff Advisory Workgroup : final report to the director [PDF] (2014) Oregon Health Authority