Health Authority Medicaid audit

Audit says Oregon Health Authority wasted $88M (Bend Bulletin, 11/29/17)

Audit details misspent millions at Oregon Health Authority, recommends immediate changes (Statesman Journal, 11/29/17)

Oregon Health Authority Misspent Millions, State Audit Finds (OPB, 11/29/17)

Audit faults OHA’s inability to detect improper payments (Portland Tribune, 11/29/17)

Oregon Health Authority should improve efforts to detect and prevent improper Medicaid payments [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division

Newsletter from Dennis (serial) Oregon Secretary of State

Medicaid eligibility

OHA says it met Brown’s Medicaid deadline (Bend Bulletin, 8/31/17)

Oregon removes nearly 55,000 people from Medicaid after they failed eligibility checks (Oregonian, 9/1/17)

OHA says it has cleared its Medicaid eligibility backlog (Portland Tribune, 8/31/17)

OHA finds 23K no longer qualified for Medicaid as it works through backlog (Portland Business Journal, 9/1/17)

Action plan preliminary report [PDF] (2017) Oregon Health Authority

Medicaid eligibility

Audit: Oregon’s Medicaid computer systems work well, but human errors remain (Oregonian, 5/24/17)

Oregon had no plan for checking Medicaid eligibility (Portland Tribune, 5/25/17)

Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid (Bend Bulletin, 5/24/17)

OHA: automated Medicaid eligibility is processed appropriately, yet manual input accuracy and eligibility override monitoring needs improvement [PDF] (2017) Oregon Audits Division