water pollution

Confined animal feeding operations

Oregon mega-dairy construction raises questions about legality (Statesman Journal, 1/10/2017)

cafo2Quick guide: Oregon’s CAFO Program (2004) Oregon State Department of Agriculture

cafoCAFO WPCF general permit #01-2015, evaluation report and fact sheet (2015) Oregon State Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Oregon waterways and permits

Discovery keeps jet boats launching despite lack of parks permit (Mail Tribune, 8/17/2016)

waterwayStructureWaterway structure registration, Q&A [PDF] (2009) Oregon Department of State Lands

waterwayLeasingWaterway leasing [PDF] (2010) Oregon Department of State Lands

TouVelleTou Velle State Recreation Site [PDF] (2015) Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department

Beach health advisory

Rockaway Beach under health advisory (Statesman Journal, 8/9/2016)

beachMonitoring Oregon Beach Monitoring Program : a guide to water quality for Oregon beach visitors [PDF] (2007) Oregon Beach Monitoring Program

factSheet Oregon beach monitoring program : recreational water quality at Oregon beaches [PDF] (2009) Oregon Beach Monitoring Program

protectPreserveProtect and preserve ocean waters [PDF] (2005) Oregon Beach Monitoring Program