state government

Internal Oregon Government Audits

New audit says Oregon’s state agencies are bad at audits (Oregonian, 8/29/2018)

Audit : Oregon agencies vulnerable to waste and fraud (Portland Tribune, 8/30/2018)

Department of Administrative Services : opportunities exist to increase the impact of state agency internal audit functions (2018) Oregon Audits Division

State government cost-cutting

Oregon budget writers unveil PERS reforms, other cutbacks (Oregonian, 4/22/2017)

Oregon legislative leaders brainstorm ways to save money (Statesman Journal, 4/21/2017)

Bipartisan Oregon Lawmakers Unveil Proposal To Reel In State Spending (OPB, 4/21/2017)

Lawmakers propose cost containment measures (East Oregonian, 4/21/2017)

Oregon lawmakers’ cost-cutting ideas target government employee pay, benefits (Register Guard, 4/22/2017)

Actions to curb future budget growth (2017) Oregon Legislative Assembly, Ways and Means Committee

Gender and Minorities Pay Gap

House passes bill providing increased penalties for unequal pay (Portland Tribune, 3/28/17)

Oregon Democrats (and one Republican) pass equal pay bill out of the House (Oregonian, 3/29/17)

Equal pay bill passes Oregon House (Statesman Journal, 3/28/17)

Pay inequality in Oregon: Oregon Council on Civil Rights formal recommendations [PDF] (2014) Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Equal pay for equal work: overview and summary [PDF] (2009) Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries