solitary confinement

Solitary confinement in prisons

Report: Solitary confinement of mentally ill persists in Oregon prison (Statesman Journal, 4/10/18)

Oregon inmates with severe mental illness still held too long in solitary, group says (Oregonian, 4/10/18)

Behind the eleventh door annual report (serial) Oregon Department of Corrections

Behind the eleventh door : solitary confinement of individuals with mental illness in Oregon’s State Penitentiary Behavioral Health Unit : an investigative report [PDF] (2015) United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Inmates and mental illness

Severely mentally ill inmates spend too much time in their cells, says new report (Oregonian, 4/26/2017)

Workers in Oregon prison unit say critical report inaccurate (Oregonian, 4/27/2017)

Behind the eleventh door … year later: DRO’s … annual report : progress to improve conditions at the Behavioral Health Unit of the Oregon State Penitentiary (serial) Oregon Department of Corrections