Economic and Revenue Forecast

Oregon lawmakers hope Thursday’s revenue forecast brings better news (Oregonian, 5/12/2011)

Oregon revenue forecast: Economists give optimistic report for 2011-13 (Oregonian, 5/12/2011)

may2011Oregon economic and revenue forecast [PDF] (Quarterly serial) Oregon Department of Administrative Service, Office of Economic Analysis

Economic and Revenue Forecast

Oregon revenue forecast: Economy’s better but budget is still tight (Oregonian, 2/15/2011)

Has Oregon’s economy finally hit bottom? (Statesman Journal, 2/16/2011)

revenueOregon economic and revenue forecast [PDF] (quarterly) Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Office of Economic Analysis

One in three private employers plan to hire

Private employers expected to hire (Statesman Journal, 12/14/2010)

A third of companies plan to hire by July (Register Guard, 12/14/2010)

Some Oregon employers look to hire (Portland Business Journal, 12/14/2010)

One-thirdofOregonemployersexpecttohiredespitetheeconomyOne-third of Oregon employers expect to hire despite the economy [PDF] (2010) WorkSource Oregon

State revenue down again

Oregon businesses may be in for kicker tax rebates (The Oregonian, 8/26/10)

More cuts loom after Oregon budget forecast (Statesman Journal, 8/27/10)

Rainy days are here (The Register-Guard, 8/27/10)

State will make more cuts, but spare schools (Mail Tribune, 8/27/10)

DASOEAdocseconomicforecast0910Oregon economic and revenue forecast (quarterly report)
Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Office of Economic Analysis