Total Employer Costs of Compensation

PERS costs may force dramatic cuts in public jobs, PSU study finds (Oregonian, 2/17/2017)

PERS-driven compensation spike may force cuts in public payrolls: PSU study (Oregonian, 2/17/2017)

teccOregon’s looming TECC Challenge : the imminent rise of total employer costs of compensation for Oregon local government (2017) Portland State University, Center for Public Service

Public Employee Retirement System

PERS changes would hit newer, younger workers harder (Register Guard, 2/14/17)

Public employees blast proposed PERS reforms (Portland Tribune, 2/14/17)

Officials: Pension fund cannot earn its way out of billions in liabilities (Portland Tribune, 2/14/17)

persComprehensive annual financial report (annual) Oregon Public Employees Retirement System