greenhouse gas

Climate change and health

Oregon Health Authority focuses on health effects of climate change (Oregonian, 2/2/2017)

Oregon Releases Plan To Address The Health Risks Of Climate Change (Northwest Public Radio, 2/2/2017)

climatehealthOregon climate and health resilience plan (2017) Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Climate and Health Program

Biomass energy projects

Wood-fired electricity sparks ambitious plans, controversy in Oregon (Oregonian, 10/23/2016)

Biomass for the masses (Portland Tribune, 10/22/2016)

biomassBiomass [PDF] (2014) Oregon Legislative Assembly, Legislative Committee Services

greenenergyHow can we get green energy from overcrowded forests? [PDF] (2014) Oregon Forest Resources Institute

definitionsBiomass definitions in Oregon statutes [PDF] (2016) Oregon Department of Energy

Forest biomass energy

Carbon Controversy: Should The Northwest Grow Markets For Forest Biofuels? (OPB, 4/15/2013)

woodybiomassConventional wisdoms of woody biomass utilization [PDF] (2009) University of Oregon

2011biomasswoodyEnvironmental effects of woody biomass collection and conversion [PDF] (2011) Oregon Department of Forestry

biomassenergyWoody biomass energy : a renewable resource to help meet Oregon’s energy needs [PDF] (2007) Oregon Forest Resources Institute