foster care

Foster child rights

Gov. Kate Brown signs foster children’s rights bills into law (Statesman Journal, 5/17/17)

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed two bills into law Wednesday securing new rights for foster kid (OPB, 5/17/17)

Oregon foster children’s bill of rights [PDF] (2015) Oregon Department of Human Services

Child welfare strategy

DHS halts ‘differential response’ tack in new counties (Statesman Journal, 4/4/17)

Safe children — strong, supported families [PDF] (2014) Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare

Oregon Department of Human Services Differential Response initiative : program evaluation plan [PDF] (2015) Oregon Department of Human Services

Foster care in Oregon

New report on Oregon’s foster care system charts solutions, failures (Oregonian, 8/25/2016)

Report: Foster care in Oregon is getting worse (Statesman Journal, 8/26/2016)

Review: DHS could do more to prevent foster care abuses (Portland Tribune, 8/25/2016)

DHS Report: Agency Needs To Address Abuse, Shortage Of Quality Homes (OPB, 8/25/2016)

fosterCareChild safety in substitute care independent review : comprehensive assessment – draft findings [PDF] (2016) Oregon Department of Human Services