food safety

Food Safety Inspections

Oregon plans to fix backlogged, inconsistent food-safety inspections (Statesman Journal, 2/16/17)

foodsafetyOregon Department of Agriculture: improved management practices, use of resources could help Food Safety Program achieve its mission [PDF] (2016) Oregon Audits Division, Oregon State Department of Agriculture

Food safety

Is your supermarket safe? (Statesman Journal, 12/7/2014)

How safe is a grocery store? It’s not easy to find out (Statesman Journal, 12/7/2014)

foodCodeOregon Department of Agriculture retail food code, 2013, OAR 603-025-0030 [PDF] (2013) Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Program

facilityStatsOregon licensed facility statistics (annual) Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division