Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation

ODOT resists changes to road-quality oversight (Portland Tribune, 3/16/2017)

Review of Oregon Department of Transportation asphalt mix specification, phase II: interim report, review of specifications and comparison with other states (2016) Oregon Department of Transportation

ODOT construction contracts audit

ODOT loses money on contractors gaming the system, auditors say, but agency questions accuracy (Oregonian, 3/6/17)

Contractors could be gaming ODOT contracts, state audit finds (Statesman Journal, 3/6/17)

New audit of ODOT contracting system finds same old flaws (Portland Tribune, 3/6/17)

ODOT should better scrutinize construction costs and project changes by tracking line item bids with abnormally high or low prices [PDF] (2017) Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division

ODOT independent audit

Audit finds ODOT excels at road building but fails to strategize, wastes money (Oregonian, 1/30/17)

Audit finds ODOT culture lacks accountability, strategic vision (Portland Tribune, 1/30/17)

Portland Economist: New ODOT Audit “Worse than Useless” (Willamette Week, 2/1/17)

odotassessmentOregon Department of Transportation management assessment [PDF] (2017) Oregon Department of Administrative Services