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Teacher compensation comparison

Study finds Oregon public school teachers’ health insurance and pension costs are higher than in some school districts elsewhere in Northwest (Register Guard, 6/13/17)

New Study Shows Teachers’ Compensation Significantly Higher in Portland than Boise or Vancouver, Wash. (Willamette Week, 6/12/17)

Health care and retirement make Oregon teachers pricey (Oregonian, 6/12/17)

Measuring total employer cost of compensation for teachers in eight K-12 public schools in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho [PDF] (2017) Portland State University, Center for Public Service

DEQ public records requests

‘Blockades, mazes and rabbit holes’ for public records at Oregon environmental agency (Oregonian, 1/19/17)

publicrecordsImproving public engagement and public records management at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality [PDF] (2016) Portland State University, Center for Public Service