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40-40-20 progress

Oregon leaders wanted 40-40-20 by 2025. What does it mean and how close are we? (OPB, 10/10/2022)

Thumbnail of cover of the document Oregon learnsOregon learns: the strategy to get to 40/40/20 (2011) Oregon Education Investment Team

Thumbnail of cover of the document From goal to reality, 40-40-20From goal to reality, 40-40-20: a report on strategies to meet Oregon’s 40-40-20 education goals (2012) Oregon University System

Education goals

Oregon lawmakers, sensing ambitious education goals out of reach, prepare to drop them (Oregonian, 3/23/2017)

From goal to reality, 40-40-20 : a report on strategies to meet Oregon’s 40-40-20 education goals (2012) Oregon University System

Oregon learns : the strategy to get to 40/20/20 (2011) Oregon Office of the Governor, Oregon Education Investment Team

Oregon graduation rates

High school graduation measure qualifies for ballot (Oregonian, 7/14/2016)

Dropout prevention measure qualifies for ballot (Portland Tribune, 7/14/2016)

dropoutSurveyDropout survey report, 2016 [PDF] (2016) Oregon Department of Education

on-timeGraduationOregon’s on-time high school graduation rate shows strong growth in 2014-15 [PDF] (2016) Oregon Department of Education

cohortGraduationCohort graduation rate [PDF] (2016) Oregon Department of Education

OregonsGradsWhere have Oregon’s graduates gone? (biennial) Oregon University System

College credit in high school

More Oregon students racking up college credits while still in high school (Oregonian, 8/30/2015)

How The Oregonian projected 1 in 4 will take a college course (Oregonian, 8/30/2015)

dualCreditStatsDual credit and tech prep statistics (annual) Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Oregon Department of Education

dualCreditReportDual credit in Oregon 2010 follow-up : an analysis of students taking dual credit in high school in 2007-08 with subsequent performance in college [PDF] (2010) Oregon University System, Office of Institutional Research

acceleratedOptionsAccelerated options : accelerating success for Oregon high school students [PDF] (2013) Oregon University System