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American Health Care Act impact

Oregon predicts state uninsured rate to triple under GOP health care plan (Oregonian, 3/16/2017)

456k Oregonians would lose health coverage under GOP bill (Bend Bulletin, 3/17/2017)

Gov. Kate Brown: Half million Oregonians could lose insurance under new federal health plan (Statesman Journal, 3/16/2017)

About 1 out of 8 Oregonians would lose health coverage under Republican revamp of Obamacare, state study says (Register Guard, 3/17/2017)

Oregon Governor Says New Health Law Would Triple Uninsured Rate And Cut 23,000 Jobs (OPB, 3/16/2017)

American Health Care Act : impact on Oregonians (2017) Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services and Oregon Health Authority

Workplace Deaths in Oregon

Workplace Deaths Rise In Oregon (OPB, 3/7/2017)

Oregon announces workplace deaths for 2016 (La Grande Observer, 3/7/2017)

Number of compensable fatalities by industry, Oregon (serial) Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Trillium Community Health Plan and coordinated care

Trillium: Balancing patients and profits (Register Guard, 9/6/16)

Trillium complaints surge with profits (Register Guard, 9/4/16)

Dividend boosts stakeholders’ net on sale to $131 million (Register Guard, 9/4/16)

Oregon caps profits for Medicaid managers (Register Guard, 9/5/16)

trilliumReport of financial examination of Trillium Community Health Plan, Inc., Eugene, Oregon (serial) Oregon Insurance Division

trilliumccoCCO incentive measures final report, Trillium Community Health Plan (serial) Oregon Health Authority, Office of Health Analytics